Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Summertime is bubble time! Little kids love bubbles, especially little girls. Marie and Grace had fun last night just blowing bubbles all over the patio. Some of the bubbles were pretty impressive.

Grace hasn't quite gotten the hang of blowing bubbles yet. She huffed and she puffed, but the bubbles just wouldn't come out.


Anonymous said...

How Fun! I love the colors and composition on that first picture. Great work! ++
(Becky Earl)

Angela said...

The color and copposition and DOF is amazing in that first shot! The perfect summer picture! ++

Brooke Jantz Photography said...

These are great pics of summer fun! You have a great eye! ++

Who's Sweet On You? said...

WOW!!! Look at the color!!! Amazing!! Gotta love bubbles!!!++