Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fresh Faces - vote now!

Well, I was supposed to have the voting up and running for this a few days ago but then I got swamped with literally hundreds of photos that needed to be edited, plus the last days of school, graduation, etc...that will teach me to run something at the end of May!

But here are the photos you can vote for. You have five beautiful children to choose from, and voting will run through 12:00 AM June 4. I've extended the voting by a few days since we got a late start.


Isn't this little girl just perfect? I love the was she purses her lips, and she was so easy to work with. She's just under two weeks old and absolutley gorgeous.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A 9-month old heartbreaker

This little guy was quite the sweetheart, but so active! He just didn't want to sit still for very long and he didn't like to look at the camera very much, but he was so sweet. He's going to be a trouble-maker once he starts walking, so watch out mom and dad!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kenzie is baptised

The beautiful little girl from earlier this week was baptised this afternoon, and she was so well-behaved! There were plenty of crying babies and fussy toddlers, but Kenzie was a real little angel. Almost no crying at all, and after the hard part was over, she went right to sleep.

Congratulations to Kenzie and her family. Enjoy your special day!

St. Clare's - May 2008

St. Clare's recently held their Confirmation and Communion for about 250 young people. The older ones were there on May 17, and on May 24 Bishop Thomas Olmstead was present to confirm them. To see the photos of the event, please visit:

Enter the gallery access code Clare17 to see the photos from May 17.
Enter the gallery access code Clare24 to see the photos from May 24.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The newest member of the Little Lovebugs Club

A gorgeous baby and a gorgeous dress for her baptism - what a beautiful little girl!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

One miiilllllliiion dollars...

This picture just cracks me up! This cute little girl is so happy and fun, and this shot just reminds me of the scene in Austin Powers when Dr. Evil is asking for one million dollars to not blow up the world.

It's one of those shots you couldn't have tried to get, it was just a happy accident. I just love the look on her face, and the pinkie is just perfect!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New slideshow!

This is a little slideshow made from my session with Jack and Conner recently. You can make your own slideshows too, it's so easy to do and eventually you'll be able to upload them to an ipod, etc.

Oh, and keep those Fresh Faces entries coming in!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Fresh Faces Contest

How does it work? If you have a child between the ages of 6 months and 12 years of age and have not had a session with Heather in the past year, you can enter. Submit a recent (non-professional) photo to Be sure to put FRESH FACES in the subject line. (at this time prints will not be accepted)
Entries close May 22, 2008 : midnight EST, Voting will begin on May 23 and run until May 31, 2008.
Entries are limited to 30 entrants, so enter quickly!
All entries must include the child’s name, date of birth, and a valid contact email of parent or legal guardian (grandparents, you must have permission from parents to enter your grandchild. No names will be publicly announced. Also, if someone referred you to the contest that is a current client, please include their name so I can give them the proper thank you.
Twins and multiples may be entered together.
All submitted photos must be recent (within 6 weeks of submission)
Once entries close, the photos will be posted on the news page and be voted for by the public.
What does the winner receive?
There will be two (2) winning places. Grand prize and a runner up (based on total votes)
Grand Prize winner: Receives a complimentary session for themselves and one to give to a friend.
Second Place winner: Receives a complimentary session for themselves.
By entering the contest you agree to sign a model release. The model release allows me to use the photos from your session on my website and brochures.
But wait… My kids don’t qualify!!!
That’s okay! We still need you! Just forward this information to all of your friends and if they are one of the winners you will receive a $50 print gift card to use at your next session!
We encourage you to forward this information to your friends even if you are entering the contest as well; however there are a few quite notes that you (and they) will want to be aware of before entering.
Child(ren) entered must not have been photographed by us within the past year as of the date of contest entry – events don’t count, so if I’ve photographed your child at their first communion or another event, you’re in luck!
One entry per child. (if you have more than one child you may enter them individually as separate contestants; however, the winning session will be limited to the winning child only)
Standard session policies apply including but not limited to model release signature, ordering session to be completed in person, and all sales are final.
All photos submitted may be in color or in black and white and have been taken within the past 6 weeks of submission.
Submitted photos must NOT be from a professional photographer. We take no responsibility whatsoever for copyrighted materials submitted in this contest. By submitting copyrighted photographs into this contest you are accepting all legal repercussions that may arise from the owner of the copyright. Photos previously taken by Lovebugs Photography are not eligible.
Entrants may be from anywhere; however, the winning entrant must be willing to travel to us to complete the session.
We reserve the right to disqualify or deny entry to anyone at his or her discretion. This includes any clients who are banned from booking because of copyright infringement, outstanding balances, etc.
The Fresh Faces winners must book their session within 6 weeks of being named the winner.
In order to receive complementary session and print credits, the session date must be booked and completed before July 28, 2008.
Complimentary session MUST be of child who wins. NON-TRANSFERRABLE.
The digital version of the photo you submit becomes property of us for purposes of promoting the Fresh Faces contest. By entering this contest you are allowing us to post the submitted photo of your child in a public matter on news, website or in display promoting the Fresh Faces contest.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The boys of summer

I've been taking pictures of Conner and Jack ever since Conner was a little baby - he sure has grown up! It turns out that both boys are big fans of the Diamondbacks, and for the first part of our session they were all decked out in red Diamondbacks apparel. I'm sure they're going to have a great summer watching the games, and they'll look really cute while doing so!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Best wishes for a happy marriage!

I photographed a bridal shower this weekend for Leanne, who is getting married next month. It was simply gorgeous, with beautiful flowers and a lovely spring theme. I am sure that Leanne will make a beautiful bride on her wedding day as well, and I wish her happiness and a long and love-filled marriage.